High Fives


The founder of this organization Marvin Wilson was a desert storm honoree in 1991. He was granted a secretarial job at the Pentagon in 1992. He served a two year extension in the U.S. Navy with an honorable discharge.  After serving his country he assumed a job at the U.S. Veterans Hospital in Salisbury, NC in the eligibility department.  Mr. Wilson volunteered as a desert storm spokesman at Veterans Day Parades and Chaplain Services.  He has a passion for travel and volunteerism.  He was to teach young people the benefits of leadership and volunteerism in their growth and development.  His idea of giving back and serving one fellowman is unprecedented.  He has a positive impact on youth at all his speaking engagements.  This organization is dedicated to mentoring young people in positive habits, life skills and community service activities. The mission of this organization is to provide and promote positive lifestyles with an emphasis on leadership, community service and higher education.

Current Activities:

This organization is currently hosting seminars for inner-city youth with an emphasis on positive lifestyles, gang prevention, community service, leadership and higher education.  We are also recruiting and training positive resilient professionals to mentor in schools, community centers and juvenile detention centers.  We are involved in board training and grant writing classes. 

Planned Activities:

We plan to provide diversity education, creative thinking skills, community service opportunities, leadership training,  gang prevention and drop-out prevention.  We will have a cadre of one-on-one mentors for fatherless young men and juveniles.   We will host seminars and fund raisers to assist our youth.

Our long range plan is to provide summer training camp for young males at risk in our city.